Our Vision
Provide a one-stop-shop scout & match solution for players, clubs, young talents and all supporting professionals: coaches, scouts, physicians, therapists, HR people, marketing & sales etc.

The magic

We have the technology! FMS is based on proven technology developed by Redmatch Ltd., one of the world’s leading e-Recruiting technology providers since 2000. With a unique multilingual matching technology that facilitates a streamlined and automated recruitment process, this robust cloud solution is used by multinational corporations around the world - anywhere, anytime, with any device.

The dream team

Daniel Avidor | SMS Chairman
Founder, President and CEO of Redmatch. Worked for HSBC, Republic Bank, Israel Bonds and Aurora Editorial Group
Jérôme Champagne | Partner
Candidate for the 2016 FIFA Presidency Elections, FIFA executive (1999-2010)
Ilan Peretz | Executive Vice President
Brigadier-general (retired), specializes in operation and autonomous system management, integrative conceptualization and complex organizational process implementation
Yuval Akav | CTO, Technical Partner
CTO & COO at RedMatch, development of Redmatch product tech aspects
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